Award wining singer Jamie Villamor explains d what music means to her 

Artist Jamie Villamor feels that music is nothing less than audio therapy. Music is more than a universal language—it can be a stellar stressbuster! Here are some fun facts about the therapeutic power of music and how it can benefit nearly anyone who needs to take a minute away from a hectic day.
Music impacts the mind, soul, and body. It can soothe us, guide us, speak to us, and be an invaluable inspiration. Above all, it can bring us joy. No matter what genre you prefer, this mix of enticing lyrics, sounds, and rhythm is a natural part of the human experience. Because of this, it is an ultimate stressbuster. Whether you take a deep breath while relaxing to the romantic intoxication of Beethoven or need to blow off steam while blaring some hard rock, Ava Bamby firmly believes that music will always be there for us.

Jamie continues to prove why she’s one to watch. Not only does she study the history music but she also is a nominated award wining artist !


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