Florida rapper P. Yungin takes stock on how far he’s come in his newest single “Red Steps,” out today via the joint venture between Motown Records and Never Broken Again Entertainment, the label founded by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Stream the reflective track HERE, and watch the evocatively cemetery-set video HERE. The release is the latest in a string of momentum-building singles, including “Pain/Top Love” and “Forgive Me.”

Directed by Rich Porter, the “Red Steps” video finds P. Yungin in his element. The 16-year-old lights up a blunt and lets his truth flow as effortlessly as billowing smoke. Through passionately spit bars, he lends voice to the sacrifices made for people who have claimed to love him but had ulterior motives. “Way before this s—t, I was tryin’ to catch a kill,” he raps melodically over mid-tempo instrumentals. “Then I had signed a deal / Then this s—t, it got so real.”

As the track progresses, it becomes clear that P. Yungin has experienced loss and suffering in his young life, but his spirit hasn’t been dampened—he’s breaking free into a limitless future. “Red Steps” captures an earned confidence. The young star made noise with his September 2020 hit, “I’m On,” featuring certified multi-platinum artist YoungBoy Never Broke Again. The single was housed under December’s Demons Everywhere I Go, his debut solo project.

Naturally, P. Yungin will be featured on Never Broke Again Vol. 1, available for pre-order HERE. The 16-track compilation album is the brainchild of YoungBoy—a highly anticipated mix of rap and R&B that delivers gut-wrenching, raw lyrics coupled with hard-hitting anthems preceded by the Meechy Baby single “Cutlass.” A P. Yungin solo project is set to arrive in early 2022.

Watch “Red Steps” Below.


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