The Versatile Sound of Chris Capture: Embracing Hip-Hop’s Diverse Landscape

Chris Capture, a rising hip-hop artist, first started making music seriously in 2014-2015. He became a part of a hip-hop collective called “Kollective” which released a group project in 2015. However, the group consolidated into a three-man effort, and Chris, along with the remaining members, decided it was best to focus on their artistic endeavors from a solo perspective.

Chris cites Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie, Kendrick Lamar, and other influential hip-hop artists as his biggest musical influences. Their work helped him mold his approach to the art form, not only in sound but also in the creative use of words. Chris also paid his respects to pioneers Rakim and Big Daddy Kane.

Chris’s creative process is unique and starts with ideas and concepts he theorizes for new music. He spends hours scouring for instrumentals he likes and sits with them until he is inspired by a random event in the world. He is currently working on a new project titled “Watch God’s Hand,” which he promises will be a more complete project while still maintaining the raw, concise, no-filler sound his fans expect from him.

Chris sees hip-hop at its most versatile currently, and he believes that everyone can find something they like from the genre. He has no collaborations pending outside of his close peer group, but he is open and willing to collaborate with other artists.

Chris’s advice to aspiring rappers and musicians is to be themselves regardless of detractors and invest in themselves because no one else will until they do. He believes in trying to do his part to do better for his people, and he hopes to help at least one person in a way that will better them for the remainder of their time on this planet.

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