Meet SAMBO: New Orleans Littest Rapper and the future of the NOLA music scene!

SAMBO is a 25-year-old rapper from New Orleans who has been making waves after releasing his latest single “Out The Way”. When you first hear Sambo it can be a bit jarring, his brash and aggressive style is something that has to grow on you but when it does – oh man, you can’t help but turn up with him. His start-stop flow isn’t for hip-hop purists but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s terrible. His style is very telling of his influences which range from Three Six Mafia to Boosie to The Hot Boys. You can hear a blend of their styles in how he attacks the track. It’s very loud but lit at the same time.

SAMBO in the studio with TSF’s Iceman Chamberlain

His 2021 debut EP “Situations” is an 8-track banger that gives off major Old school BG vibes with that new-school NBA Youngboy-esque energy. My personal favorite song is “Heartstopper”. The old-school Louisiana sound is all over this one. Acid Talk (12 am) is a very different vibe you can hear the experimentation that comes with dropping a tab or two and hitting the studio. As I said earlier, SAMBO isn’t going to be for everyone but I would suggest everyone give him at least a listen because SAMBO has some bangers that will get stuck in your head for sure!

If you want to stay up-to-date on everything SAMBO follow him on social media below and check out all his music which can be found below as well. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from SAMBO and will be awaiting his next release to let you know if he is Fire or Flaw!



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