G 5aby Is Back In Action With Latest, “Can’t Breathe” [Video]

 G 5aby just unveiled another unreal release, “Can’t Breathe,” which was shot by Qasquiat. At this point, it’s safe to say that these are two names you should be familiar with.

In an unconventional series of rhythmic and melodic effort from G 5aby, complemented by similarly irregular locations and angles from Qasquiat, the young artist again makes his mark on his audience with ease.  It’s been crazy watching the progress that G 5aby has been having lately. If anything could make that apparent to new listeners, it’s this latest record. Another banger from G 5aby, and it’s safe to assume he’ll be continuing that pattern.


Dee Smiff’s Newest Single ‘take back’ is Relatable on Every Level

Dee Smiff is a 24-year-old rising artist out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Starting his musical journey singing in the church choir as a child, Smiff started to form a deep love with the different aspects of music: poetry, storytelling, freedom, expression, and most importantly, the ability to bring forth emotion through resonating with the people. Understanding […]

Kg Prince is Gearing Up to Drop a Hit

Kg Prince’s “could never Z me” drops tomorrow. It’s one of his most highly anticipated songs. I got the chance to listen to the song early, and when I say this song is a hit, I genuinely mean it. Kg Prince and J Truth deliver a high-energy, chief keef sounding, aggressive, menacing, distorted bass song […]