Feels Like Brakence Never Left With “argyle”

I am so thankful for having another song from this artist. We have not heard anything since the album that kick-started this artist’s career which was called “punk2“. If somehow you have not heard this album, take the time to go through every single, then you will understand the love people have for this talented human. I do want to mention one thing, as nice as it is to have a song from Brakence since he is one of my favorite artists. Taking a listen deeply in these lyrics and the concept of what he is saying. I understand he normally had a sad feeling to most of his music but hidden by wild production keeping the consumer’s mind off what he is trying to say. After I listened to this single a few times it made me realize if there was a reason why he took a year break. If he was working on growing himself, which if that is the reason. I’m happy we didn’t get any music, I feel like no matter who you are. How famous or wealthy you are. If you are struggling mentally you deserve time to focus on doing better. That is more important than anything. So Brakence, I hope everything is okay.

I just wanted to make that point, but it was amazing to have this artist back. Since he had that blackbear feature on his song that blew up the most is “dropout“. It streams and monthly listeners never dropped which just shows if it is good music people won’t go away, they will stay as long as they need to for new music to drop. He has a fanbase that shows so much love since he had such a powerful impact on the new generation we have with Glitchpop/HyperPop. I hope everything is well with this artist and I’m always excited for a new Brakence

Written By: Max Lowe

Click Below To Listen To “argyle”


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