Jourdin Pauline Releases New Single “Kick It”

Jourdin Pauline and her “It” girl sound is ready to take over 2023, and her reign starts with the release of her sensational new pop track, “Kick It,” which is assisted with a new music video. Directed by Supo Supreme and Jourdin Pauline-herself, the visual stars the new pop sensation conducting a must-see exclusive interview […]

Nahvi & DK Slam Dunk New Album ‘Go Be Great’

Teamwork makes the dream work. Electrifying new stars Nahvi and DK untie for a fan-hyped new album geared towards pursuing dreams and more, titled Go Be Great. With unique sound, trendsetting ambition, and fun-loving personality, the duo delivers a must-hear extravaganza. The album combines the best parts of both talents all in one go and […]

jonny violet Is A “Dreamer” In New Single

Next-gen singer/songwriter/producer jonny violet rises up to mainstream visibility with the release of the fantasy-driven debut single titled “Dreamer.” The dance track introduces fans to the rising star’s appealing electronic and pop sound and exhibits all the attributes of an artist-to-watch. The song’s trendy sound prepares fans for the artist’s magnetic creativity and preview of […]

Shaunø Official Releases New Single “World on Drugs”

Thriving with over 22,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, rising Shaunø Official capitalizes on the new visibility in the release of his addictive latest track “World On Drugs.” The intoxicating track sees the new rap star speaking on the world’s attraction to particular vices of pleasure. For Shaunø Official, heartbreak causes him to detach from the […]

Josh X Releases New Single “Love Takes Me Higher”

Prior to stepping in front of the mic as a recording artist, Josh X played a major role in the industry as a writer/producer, working with top-tier artists such as Jadakiss, Swizz Beatz, Nipsey Hussle, and Lil Wayne. Josh X’s past singles include features from some of the greats, such as “Heaven on My Mind” ft Cardi B., “All On Me” featuring Rick Ross and “Goin […]