Aleem Bilal Gets Groovy With “Ravish”

Aleem Bilal is a talented recording artist and producer who recently dropped his new release titled “Ravish.” This release will immediately trigger excitement in any listener who loves excellent hip-hop. Not only does “Ravish” represent some of the best staple sounds in this genre, but it also brings a fresh wave of innovation and personality […]

Love Keyyz Drops Album “I Could Be Dreaming”

Love Keyyz recently released a song/music video, “Life Worth Living.” She now makes her return with a new album, “I Could Be Dreaming.” The enthralling single, “Life Worth Living,” appears on her album. “I Could Be Dreaming” takes you on an 11-track journey into the stages of love gone bad, starting with the cinematic “Never […]

Podcasting & Hip-Hop Merge With Iheart Radio’s New Hip-Hop Show With Ifueko Igbinovia

Commencing her IheartRadio show in 2021 as an innovative content creator, Ifueko wanted her message of individuality to be apparent through her platform. Previously, Ifueko worked for Universal Motown Records where she ventured into the entertainment world studying public relations for a vast quantity of celebrities. While at Universal, Ifueko converted into a radio personality […]

Veeta Venom Is On A “Mission” With New Single

Washington, D.C. artist Veeta Venom hits her mark with a offering on her birthday with “Mission” because she is on one to establish herself as a star. Showing hunger and versatility, “Mission” is a solid offering from her deep bag of dope music. To us, this one feels a bit more personal as it’s telling […]

Johnny Rocket And 3OhBlack Team Up For “Catch Em”

Johnny Rocket has been making waves with his unique sound coming from the DMV. Recently he has dropped single “Catch Em” with 3OhBlack that previews his upcoming EP drop on the 20th on all DSPs. “Catch Em” infuses a charged up beat that accompanies the duo’s signature up-tempo flow; that blends smoothly to curate a […]