7 Alkaline’s Project ‘Relationship Status’ is a Must Listen

Independent artist 7 Alkaline just released his first album, Relationship Status, in which he displays his amazing storytelling techniques and showcases what life as a newly single individual is like.

7 Alkaline is a young musician from Jersey City who is already making waves with his music, and is putting his talents on full display for the world to see.

“I’m so passionate about music because it is everything to me,” he said in a recent interview. “It keeps me going, I can’t see myself even doing the simplest of things without music. Music is my drug, it’s my addiction.”

7 Alkaline, who’s name was inspired by the alkaline diet he’s currently on, stuck with him so much that his dad said he should use it as a rap name.

Fairly new to the scene of music, 7 Alkaline started his music career in 2020. So far dropping his first album a year and eight months later, he’s already on his way to make noise.

The album begins with “Terrible Guy,” an appeal for people to know the truth and know that he isn’t a bad guy, as there are two sides to every tale, and this is 7 Alkaline’s side of the story. 7 Alkaline becomes reflective as he thinks back on his relationship, and he can’t tell what was true as he pondered that “She Never Cared” as the album progresses from track to skit, a voice mail detailing his worth, as the album progresses from track to skit, a voice mail detailing his worth, as the album progresses from track to skit, a voice mail detailing his worth, as the album progresses from track to skit.

“This project is about my emotions during and after my relationship,” he said. “It’s about things that were going on during my relationship and after.”

The project is filled of sensitive moments, as 7 Alkaline discusses the challenges they encountered, including her infidelity, which led to their breakup. 7 Alkaline’s “Unprotected Heart” and “Her Secrets” are excellent examples of poetry and narrative. Alkaline becomes vulnerable, showing their relationship’s repercussions and tipping point. Alkaline warns of the dangers of heartache and laying it all out on the table. “Unprotected hearts,” a song by 7 Alkaline, tells the story of what transpired and how he felt about the betrayal.

“It’s really moving, and the lyrics are unadulteratedly honest. I’m not sure I could have said it any better than I did, and it’s exactly what occurred.”

As 7 Alkaline keeps it honest, throwing gems on love and heartbreak, vulnerability pervades the entire album. 7 Alkaline creates an outstanding first record as he lays the basis for what is to come by giving his listeners a window into his head throughout the repercussions of his failed relationship, from the perplexity to the rage.

7 Alkaline is ready to move on to the next project, since he is “working on another project […] as quickly as feasible,” according to him. So be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter, where he goes by the handles @7alkaline__ and @7alkaline_.

Meanwhile, listen to 7 Alkaline’s latest project, Relationship Status, below!

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