In Conversation with Luckwayy: Unveiling ‘Clover’ and Artistic Evolution

Luckwayy’s latest single, “Monyunn,” has already caught traction in the music scene. But what’s the story behind this catchy track and his upcoming project, “Clover”? In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Luckwayy to uncover the inspiration, creative process, and aspirations behind his music.

Q: Let’s start with your latest single, ‘Monyunn.’ Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this track and what it means to you personally?

The inspiration of Monyunn comes from Atlanta’s hip-hop culture. Monyunn, meaning money, is the idea of success. If you’re not getting any Monyunn, you’re Doneyunn as they say. Personally, I hear Monyunn and instantly want to go get some money.

Q: ‘Monyunn’ has garnered quite a buzz. What do you think it is about this song that resonates so strongly with your fans?

During the first listen, you may only get lost in the catchy melody, but as you continue to hear the song, you realize the lyrics and metaphors are significant parts of the song. I think this is what resonates with the fans most, finding something new to like with every listen. Another thing that allows the fans to resonate with the song is the relatable lyrics and storytelling.

Q: Can we expect a music video for ‘Monyunn’ in the near future? If so, can you give us any hints about the creative direction?

A music video may be in the near future. If there was to be one, its goal would be to bring the song cover to life, and I’ll leave it at that.

Q: Your previous music has often been described as ‘Fly, Catchy, Different.’ How would you describe the unique style and sound of ‘Monyunn’ in just a few words?

Trendy, Melodic, Motivating, Wavy.

Q: Many artists have hidden messages or personal stories within their lyrics. Is there anything specific you’d like to share about the lyrics of ‘Monyunn’?

The sequence of days and their messages encourage listeners to get out and live or have something to look forward to each day. “Monday Monyunn Day,” this line encourages the head-down-and-grind mentality to not only increase wealth but self-value as well. “Tuesday she go choose Luckwayy,” this plays off of the previous line. I use the analogy of a girl choosing me, but the line alludes to people around noticing your value rising as a result of the work you put in on Monday. “Wednesday, that’s when we got in a frenzy,” this line is a continuation of the last just you can choose now because everyone wants you. I reference frenzy as in when a shark is in a feeding frenzy. It means that more and more people are realizing your value after Tuesday. “Thursday she go get thirsty for me,” heading into the weekend it’s time to get wild and enjoy yourself, and that echoes through the Saturday line. “Sunday we in church fresh no runway, hoping one day we make it to the heaven gates,” we can never forget to give God his praise.

Q: Let’s shift our focus to your upcoming project, ‘Clover.’ Can you give us a glimpse into what listeners can expect from this project in terms of sound and themes?

On Clover, there will be a few R&B/Rap songs, Jersey Club vibe songs, and Beat Switch songs. Within all of those will be a bunch of flows, storytelling, metaphors, and catchy choruses. This project will show some of the versatility I have as an artist.

Q: ‘Clover’ is associated with luck and growth. How does this symbolism tie into your musical journey and your aspirations as an artist?

I have always had crazy ideas which people around didn’t think would ever come true, but somehow, I always made it happen. I believe anything is possible, and until God says my time is up, I’m going to achieve every goal I set for myself. Clover is not just for me but my fan base as well. Good artists grow with their fan bases. Clover is just helping build the foundation for what’s to come.

Q: Collaborations often add a unique flavor to music. Can we anticipate any exciting collaborations on the ‘Clover’ project?

Clover will not have any collaborations. I want my fan base to fall in love with my sound first as I establish my identity. There may be collaborations on remixes in the future though. More features and collaborations can be expected in the future.

Q: Many fans are curious about your creative process. When working on ‘Clover,’ did you find any particular songs or experiences to be especially inspiring?

“Had it Hard” is a song on the project that has a deeper meaning. The inspiration comes from kids having to grow up fast in my hometown, Lafayette, Louisiana. I talk about the rough living conditions I had to deal with at times and even the incarceration of my older cousin, which kept him in jail for about 18 years. I also include the highlights of my hometown referencing events like Mardi Gras.

Q: As an artist who’s continuously evolving, how do you think ‘Clover’ represents your growth and development since your last release?

Clover shows evolution in my recording. New sounds and new ways of stacking melodies. It will showcase my storytelling and bars. The type of bars that will have you restarting the song a few times before you can finish it.

Q: Performing live is an essential part of the music industry. Can we expect any live performances or shows to promote the ‘Clover’ project?

Live performances are in the near future. You can also expect to see me performing on several media platforms. Not going to name any platforms yet, but you can expect to see me on some of hip-hop’s biggest platforms.

Q: You’ve had a remarkable journey so far. Are there any specific career milestones or goals you’re aiming to achieve with ‘Clover’?

Clover will boost streams and my following. This project will open up more performance opportunities since I will have a bigger catalog of music.

Q: Your music often carries empowering messages. What message or emotion do you hope ‘Clover’ imparts to your listeners?

Clover should make listeners feel confident yet self-reflective. Party and have fun but still be motivated to accomplish any goals you may have or come out of any hardships better than you went into them.

Q: Beyond music, do you have any other creative endeavors or interests you’d like to pursue in the future?

I see myself building my brand up to the point where I can collaborate with some of the top fashion brands, much like you see Travis Scott and Pharell doing. Acting is something that I can also see myself getting into in the future.

Q: Lastly, for your fans eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Clover,’ is there a message or teaser you’d like to share with them?

You “Can’t Hide,” even “Stephen Curry” went to get his “Monyunn” on days he “Had It Hard”. I gave her lemons, and she didn’t bring back “Lemon-Lime” because she was too worried about being “Toxic” like “BFFR”. You have to go listen to “CLOVER” to understand this.

Q: How has your hometown, Lafayette, continued to influence your music, especially in the context of your upcoming project ‘Clover’?

Talk about a lot of it in “Had it Hard”, I would say my upbringing in Lafayette echoes through my verses. I portray the hustle mentality throughout a lot of my songs, which is influenced by the fact that in order to make it out of Louisiana, you have to just make it happen. Usually, whatever you are passionate about, your parents don’t have experience in, so you have to teach yourself.

Q: ‘Monyunn’ has gained significant attention. Can you share any interesting stories from the creation process of this song?

The idea of putting a spin on the days of the week came about after one of my friends was joking about how I was saying the word Tuesday. My Louisiana accent had Tuesday sounding more like choose-day. We started freestyling after that, and the chorus you hear now was the first thing that came to my head, and everyone in the room lost it. They made sure I did a voice note of the chorus before we did anything else.

Q: In your previous interview, you mentioned Lil Wayne’s ‘Dedication Series’ as a significant influence. Did any tracks or moments from that series specifically inspire your work on ‘Clover’?

The only thing Wayne’s “Dedication Series” influenced on this project was my creative process. Being able to bring my ideas to life though freestyles and putting together good studio recordings.

Q: We’ve talked about musical influences, but what about non-musical influences? Are there books, movies, or other forms of art that have inspired your music?

No influence from books or movies just real life.

Q: With ‘Clover’ on the horizon, what are your hopes and expectations for the project’s impact on your career and the music industry?

There are a lot of catchy songs on this project, so I’m hoping I get my first hit record if not multiple. I want to leave listeners wanting to hear more music from me in the future. I expect to increase my following and put bigger artist/producers on notice so I can start working with more people.

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