Quin NFN x Lil 2z – “Sewed Up” [Video]

If you haven’t been paying attention, ​Quin NfN ​and ​Lil 2z​ are some of the best rap artists in Texas. They​ both have consistent releases and insane quality of work ethic which continues to impress their audience. Quin and 2z are both committed to levelling up by any means necessary with Austin Music Entertainment and […]

42 Dugg – “Been Turnt” [Video]

   This year Detroit, Michigan’s 42 Dugg has definitely begun to make himself a standout artist to keep an eye on going in to the new decade. Despite the quarantine he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down with the release of his new project “Young & Turnt 2” and the standout video for “Been […]

Kapri – “Milly” [Video]

   The best part about being such a huge hip-hop fan is finding those small underground artists who deserve so much more attention and recognition. Especially those from an underexposed area. The music quality is there, The exposure just needs to catch up. KAPRI, A Mexican-American rapper from Santa Ana, California hits all those marks […]

An Interview With Lyrical Lemonade’s Jake Millan

Lil Jake, 20 years old. DJ, Writer/Influencer & Artist Manager at Lyrical Lemonade. We caught up this week with the legend; the man behind the scenes; Jake Millan… Manager for many popular names such as Yung Bans & Kodone. Lil Jake is proving to be an un-stoppable force any label or artist… Let’s dive in.. COLTON: “Sup Jake, you totally ripping today or […]