Jae Wes Releases New 2 Part EP “Space Coupe to a Hide Away”

Coming from more of a classical music background, Colorado artist Jae Wes played in orchestras all across Denver during his adolescent years. This is where he would learn basic music theory, and he would eventually earn himself a full-time career, as a cello player. Possessed by passion, Jae Wes would eventually turn to song writing & creating more modern sounding rap/hip-hop tracks.

This week the Aurora, Colorado native delivers a brand new 2 track EP titled “Space Coupe to a Hide Away”. The first track being titled ‘Space Coupe’ and the second track ‘Hide Away’. Listen to them both now, and let us know what you think!

Stream “Space Coupe to a Hide Away” Here:

Written By: Colton Kopacz

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