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Yvngxchris Releases Blood On The Leaves!

16-year-old upcoming artist from Virginia Yvngxchris releases a music video for one of his most popular snippets “Blood On The Leaves”.

Yvngxchris’ “Blood On The Leaves” became an infamous snippet on TikTok and youtube this year. Originally previewed on Chris’ TikTok, the rapper’s fast pace and catchy flow, instantly made this song loved by his fans.

With all the attention, the song was set to be one of Chris’ biggest songs, but this did not come without some pretty big backlash.

The instrumental for Blood On The Leaves samples Nina Simone’s 1939 song titled “Strange Fruit”. Strange Fruit was used to symbolize the brutality and racism of the practice of lynching in America’s South. Due to the serious subject of the sample, criticism for the artist started to appear. Tiktoks about the song to be posted with people questioning why Chris would use this sample. Chris was quick to respond with an apology video and some disheartening news for his fan base.


#stitch with @thatsocialisthot part 1

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Even with this controversy, fans of Chris were still in need of this track and were asking the artist to post it anyway. Fan’s wishes were answered on October 31st when the official music video was released onto Chris’s youtube channel and now stands at 360 thousand views.

Directed by No Soap, the video sees Chris standing with a girl and in front of a tree. The video leads with flashcards educating the viewer on the history and meaning of the original sample.

Chris took the song that many may have found offensive and tried turning it into a positive message. During the second verse, Chris speaks on recent deaths to bring awareness to BLM.

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