New York City is bustling with talent. Talent that’s put on the spotlight every single day, well hailing from The Bronx is YUN$KRIII with his breakout single $HOOTUPTHEPARTY.

With years under his belt YUN$KRIII should be a household name in the New York boroughs. Despite withholding his music for a long time, YUN$KRIII had a vision to create works of art that transcend to deeper levels, speaking to the consciousness and inner depths of listeners psyche. Teaming up with Brooklyn based producer JAB the duo cooked up this single with wavy instrumentals and a hard hitting beat.
When asked for their favorite line on the trak YUN$KRIII mentioned “I could not fuck with no flat booty bitch who got good aesthetics” a bar that serves as a reminder for the artists outlook when it comes to connections. “I don’t relate with people who try to portray an unauthentic image, especially those who try to brag or boast irrelevantly.” YUN$KRIII considers $HOOTUPTHEPARTY to be a callout to all that try to push an image that isn’t true to themselves.

YUN$KRIII plans to release his EP “THE BACKBONE” soon to be announced along with an upcoming album. The artist also has visuals to accompany his collection including creative works like Digital Art Collections, Physicals, and NFTs.

Be sure to listen to $HOOTUPTHEPARTY available on streaming services everywhere and be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming EP “THE BACKBONE” set to be announced.
Connect with YUN$KRIII on Instagram for more of his latest updates. 



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