Exclusive Interview With Michigan Rapper Yung Sol

We had the opportunity to interview rising Michigan rapper Yung Sol. Sol is about to release his new album Solly’s World on May 6th, so we decided to see what it’s all about! Read our exclusive interview with him below.

Q: What’s up Yung Sol! Who are you?
Yung Sol: What’s up bro. I’m an up-and-coming artist from Michigan who’s paving my own lane in the music industry.

Q: We heard you’re about to drop a new project called Solly’s World. What is Solly’s World?
Yung Sol: Solly’s World is my first full length project. It’s the first chance that I get to really showcase what I’ve been working on for the last couple years. Solly’s World is also the first time people will get to really learn who I am.

Q: Someone told us that “slime talk” wasn’t supposed to be on your project Solly’s World, but you guys added it last minute. Talk to us about how that went down.
Yung Sol: Yeah so slime talk wasn’t originally on the album at first. I was in the studio with my engineer Jojo and we were originally cooking up music for the Deluxe version. I made slime talk and it was just too hard not to put on the album

Q: What does a studio session with Yung Sol look like?
Yung Sol: A studio session with me isn’t too fancy. I pull up with like 3 or 4 of my guys and a bottle and I just start recording. The vibe honestly just depends on what I wanna record that day. I can either be making some turnt shit or some slower melodic songs.

Q: Talk to us about Under The Bridge Records and the team behind the dream.
Yung Sol: Under The Bridge Records consists of me & co-ceo YC. It also consists of artists/producers SHiM, prodinfinity, LPD and a few other members involved in the management/production. We started UTB in 2017 and have big things planned ahead.

Q: What’s your go to meal?
Yung Sol: I have a couple go-to’s depending on where I am but you can’t go wrong with Raising Cane’s.

Q: Fuck one, marry one, kill one: Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Amber Heard…
Yung Sol: Off the rip, Amber Heard’s gotta go. But I’m gonna marry dua lipa and crack Doja Cat.

Q: If you had your own weed strain, what would you call it?
Yung Sol: Slime OG or PFW (Paris Fashion Weed)

Q: Top 5 NBA players of all time?
Yung Sol: Kareem, Kobe, Jordan, Magic & Wilt in no particular order.

Q: Anything you wanna let the people know?
Yung Sol: Solly’s World May 6th it’s finally time. Play the album on the loudest speakers you can find. It’s up!

That concludes our interview with Yung Sol. Make sure to be on the look out for Solly’s World on May 6th and stream “slime talk” in the meantime!

Stream “slime talk” here:

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