Young Negrensé shines on expansive EP ‘Aphelion’

Canadian artist Young Negrensé has shared a new EP called Aphelion. Of Filipino-Canadian descent, he is a songwriter, producer, classical guitarist, visual artist, and co-founder of YUZZYNET. After gaining buzz from a squence of engaging self-produced releases, he is now releasing his latest offering Aphelion, executively produced by Tristan Renaud, which contains powerful, spacey sonics that draw from a variety of genres including hip-hop, pop, R&B, and more.

Aphelion is a conceptual sci-fi project featuring cinematic, synth-laden soundscapes that blend genres in a refreshing manner, introducing Negrensé’s refreshing and vivid sound. The project opens with “Euphoria”, which contains psychedelic production centred around rich synth sounds and an infectious, heavy bass-line that ties together the rhythm section. Here, he delivers evocative vocal melodies that blur the line between hip-hop, R&B, and pop, giving the song much replay value. Next, “Highway to the Sun” switches up the pace with a dynamic beat that feels charmingly retro, drawing from 80’s synth pop and adding a modern twist. “In the Dark” feels cathartic and raw, introducing an appropriately nocturnal sound through its usage of textural synths and pounding percussion. Whereas, “Other Side of the Light” showcases Negrensé’s versatility with an airy soundscape that leans on ambient and electronica. Here, he delivers a series of catchy and elegant melodies and especially delivers on a chorus that could best be described as “ear candy”. Closer “Circe.exe” finishes the album in an expansive fashion, providing a warm and ethereal sound with silvery synths and a dream-like vocal performance from Negrensé.

The latest from Canadian artist Young Negrensé, Aphelion delivers a energizing and eclectic sound that draws from hip-hop, pop, R&B, and more, and showcases his focus and versatility as a songwriter and vocalist.

Aphelion follows a vivid and engaging space-age concept that fuels the undercurrent of the project: “his first vision of the angel came to him in a dream. It began with him in the far reaches of outer space, alone, gently sinking through the empty void. Only the sparkling light of distant stars engraved the darkness. There was nothing of salvation for light-years.

Suddenly, like the birth of a star, the angel materialized from the cosmos. The vivacity of a supernova radiated from her chromatic-shined skin. Lengthy bleached white hair flowed above her divine statuesque figure. Space and time caved in her presence. He fixated upon her gleaming eyes. She held a stare so intense it was entrancing. A sensation of warmth and euphoria rushed over his flesh and into his soul. She spoke a single word which rippled through the darkness. That word was her name. “Circe.”

Negrensé 9000 awoke from his dream bewitched. He took a deep breath, then wiped his brow, which was coated in a thick sizzling sweat.

This was more than his typical post-canister-fuelled-bender fever dream. It was a message from the divine, which even in an awakened state, burned into his psyche. If one thing was clear to him, it was that he must find this space angel, no matter the distance or danger involved.”

Listen to Aphelion now:


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