Yaarb’s Most Recent Project ‘Letter To the Streets Sets’ The Tone For What’s Next

His project is bound to amaze as he showcases his tenacity, aptitude, and lyricism in his latest project. 

Yaarb, a rapper out of Compton, California, is off to an impressive start with his first project,  Letter To the Streets. The project is introspective as Yaarb describes the EP as being “about how you do not have to be a thug to be in the streets.” 

The Compton rapper’s latest project is sure to astound as it features Yaarb’s authentic sound, which is soulful, passionate, and genuine, as he calls it “real hip hop[…] for the ears.” 

Yaarb manufactures gems as he spits authentic bars paired with melodic and soulful harmonies that are sure to get you hooked on this new artist. Yaarb’s music is an expression meant to be heard, as he believes music is the easiest way to express feelings.

Yaarb’s most recent project, Letter To the Streets, is his first official project, and with only six tracks, Yaarb turns up the heat, showcasing his rap prowess and ability as a lyricist. Yaarb illustrates himself as an artist with his debut project, Letter To the Streets, inspired by “coming from the streets” Yaarb details his life in Compton, fighting the streets, riding dirty, and that mentality of just trying to survive, his project, as Yaarb says is “gonna shake the world,” showing them who he is and that he is not one to play. 

With powerful tracks such as “No Pain,” “Ghetto Gates,” featuring THIIIRD, “On Da Block,” and his melodic masterpiece “Prayer From the Trenches,” Yaarb showcases his talent, versatility, and introspection as he details the things he is dealing with emotionally, that makes him not want to “breath no more.” This raw and vulnerable subject matter matched with his melodic cadence makes him a force to be reckoned with as he devours the track.  

Be sure to tap in with Yaarb Via social media @yaarb.music, be sure to stay up to date with Yaarb as he is sure to be releasing much more music, visuals, and a lot more, soon!

Stream Yaarb’s debut project, Letter To the Streets, below! 

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