WZDM’s “Sins of the Ocean” is Something Special

WZDM recently released his mixtape “Sins of the Ocean,” showing how great he is and will be. For the two years that he has been releasing music, WZDM has repeatedly displayed that he has a keen ear for good production at whatever time. Whether in 2020, when rage-styled beats were hot, or now when pluggnb is the sound to get on, WZDM has been there to show listeners that he can be good at anything.

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“Sins of the Ocean” is a very up-to-date project in terms of production. Pluggnb has become a very saturated genre of production and now beats in that lane tend to be a bit redundant. But WZDM curated a compilation of some of the most exciting versions of this beat style and great beats from other production sides.

No matter what kind of beat WZDM hopped on in his mixtape, “Sins of the Ocean,” he delivered a stellar performance. On the opening track, “oUr JoUrney,” he rides the wave of the beat perfectly and uses his unique melodic voice to hook the listeners for the rest of the mixtape. Then, he puts another outstanding performance on “adult $tar,” a glo-gang-styled beat. WZDM proved that he could put on a show on \ one side of the underground and any other with ease on his latest mixtape.

Listen to WZDM’s mixtape, “Sins of the Ocean,” below!

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