Ramiro’s New Single ‘Not Here To Stay’ is the Confidence Booster You’ve Been Missing

Ramiro is an artist like no other. Having been influenced by music from an early age, there’s never been a doubt in his mind that music was his true calling. Having musical influences from a wide array of genres, Ramiro would listen to artists like Tupac, OutKast, Snoop Dogg, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Prince Royce. Diving into other genres such as Psychedelic Funk and Rock, Ramiro believed his true roots lie in R&B and Hip hop culture, which is reflective of his current music. His interest in music peaked when he realized he had a strong passion for it and no longer wanted to just listen to the music, but make the music that was responsible for his passion.

“I started off just hanging out with my good friend Waggs, who had started making music back in 2017-2018. I was 17 and he was 18. I had never tried making music before and I’ve never played any instruments but I worked, saved up and bought all my equipment and started making music not too long before he moved” says Ramiro on how he first got his start into the music industry. He says the main reason for following his heart into music was the feeling of fulfillment one gets when they’re making a song they really enjoy, it’s like therapy. 

Since then, Ramiro has worked tirelessly to find his sound, understanding the importance of having a unique voice and presence in his music. Ramiro’s current focus lies in the best practices for marketing his music, wanting to let his voice be known to a world of fans and industry execs desperately earning for something new. 

Ramiro’s highest streaming song to date is none other than ‘Not Here to Stay’ with 1k+ plays and 2k+ views on YT, produced by up-and-coming underground producer Sapjer, who’s worked with rising artists BigBabyGucci, Nessly, and Austin Skinner to name a few. The song describes Ramiro finally taking a chance on himself, growing and recognizing the power within himself. “I’m tired of feeling stuck, like I’m not going anywhere, when I believe I should be everywhere! I’m not here to stay forever, but I want my art and the idea of me, my name, to inspire others and to live forever” says Ramiro on what he wants ‘Not Here To Stay’ to stand for. 

Stream ‘Not Here To Stay’ out now on all DSPs!


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