DrePaC’s Music is the Future of Rap

DrePaC isn’t new to music. Having played the drums his entire life and being part of a band, music has always served as his inspiration, motivation, and passion throughout his life. However, due to a disagreement with his band, he gave up on his dream of becoming a musician. He very quickly thought his life was over and he was unsure of what his future would hold for him. 

As time passed, DrePaC learned to trust his gut and realize that music was his only passion. He started regaining hope again and love for the craft of making music by listening to different artists on the radio. “I never knew the lyrics to the songs, but I would always put my own words or flavor to it,” says DrePaC. Since regaining his inspiration and focus, Dre has been on a relentless mission to becoming the #1 artist in the world. “When I go to the studio, it’s like a counseling session for me. I get to release all my feelings and turn them into melodies. I just want to change the rap world as an artist who makes inspirational music for the community,” says DrePaC on what purpose he wants his music to serve.

On a mission to serve that purpose, Dre is here to drop off his newly released single, ‘The Man,’ a 2-minute record about why Dre started rapping and how he took his own path towards not only creating music but funding it as well. He also details the challenges faced and how he constantly stood up for himself and what he believed he deserved every step of the way. Being a remix to one of his favorite songs by Earth, Wind, and Fire, ‘The Man’ is for anyone who believes in themselves, wants to push for a better future, and is confident they can and will achieve their goals.

Stream ‘The Man’ out now across all streaming platforms!


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