222Bree drops off the Perfect Melodic Record with ‘Sunday2Sunday’

222Bree is an artist that you’ll be hearing a lot about soon enough. Having started her musical journey playing the violin in elementary school and learning to play the piano from her grandmother, she quickly found a passion for making music. After recording music for fun throughout her adolescence, she decided it was time for her to start taking music seriously if she wanted to be able to live off her art. After high school, she extended her music knowledge by going to school for audio and digital recording, and later working in various recording studios in her hometown. 

Realizing that releasing music every so often was not enough, Bree became focused more than ever to be the best at her craft by releasing more music into the world. Taking the time to find and perfect her sound and develop herself both as an artist and a brand, Bree knew this would only make her a stronger artist. Understanding the full power in being able to create value whenever one walks into a room, Bree decided to learn how to record, mix, and master all of her own music. 

Possessing the tools, skills, and knowledge to release quality music, she put out her first official release in 2021, called ‘Trust Issues’ (10k+ Streams), a crazy amount of streams for any artist who’s just getting their start in the music industry. Staying committed to the music and serving her fans, she’s back with another quality release ‘Sunday2Sunday’ which is now at 30k+ streams and growing. The song is a 2 minute and 45 second track about one’s self confidence. There is no doubt in Bree’s mind that she will achieve great heights in her music career because she’s not making any excuses for herself; there’s no other option other than the top. You feel her self-belief in her musical abilities because she’s taking the necessary steps to be great, grinding from Sunday to Sunday. This song is for every person who understands their self worth and knows they’re going to be great in their careers because they hustle, grind, and are committed to being the very best at their craft every single day.

“My songs are how I express myself and my emotions. Being an artist that struggles with being bi polar and having depression, I find comfort in knowing music is my escape, my healing power,” says Bree on the topic of why she got involved in music. Bree only wants to create music that has a special meaning to her and her life, hopefully resonating with other people along the way who struggle with the same problems. She only wants to keep growing and inspiring people along the way to believe in themselves, making dope music for people to enjoy in the process. 

Stream ‘Sunday2Sunday’ out now across all streaming platforms!


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