Florida Artist Vit6l Drops New 4-Track-EP “FAYGOFEELINGS”

Ever heard of Plugg Pop? Well, 23-year-old Jacksonville, Florida artist Vit6l is creating a new genre-bending wave, that is taking over the southeastern state. Vit6l is a young charismatic artist with a compelling image and unique sound that is garnering tons of attention across the internet right now. Released last night at midnight, Vit6l’s 4-track-EP FaygoFeelings just hit DSPs and is already making its way on all the blogs. With Jacksonville, Florida being one of the hottest locations for music right now in North America, Vit6l is in the perfect environment to take the industry over in style. Stream Faygo Feelings below, and go shoot the kid a follow on social media!

Stream “FaygoFeelings” Here:

Vit6l teases new visuals for upcoming music video “Goin’ Up!”

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