Vega Pop Duo Cxldface & Live Solum Join Together For “Runaway”

A rise of a new duo you will need to stay tapped in with! You may have heard the name Live Solum as he is the artist who was behind “Goth Bitch“. Which was a song that raised a lot of attraction reaching 12,000,000 streams on Spotify. The new Vegas Pop is going to be something with these two. As they have had multiple tracks together. This is different as they link up together for this music video. Matching the image behind the popular “Breaking Bad”. This is the vibe of the music video. Each drop that hits makes me itch wanting to jump in my car and blasted this letting the crushing 808’s shake the heck out of the car. Having these two artists on the same track fit each other as they bring similar energy to each track with the dedication they have to music, it will be hard to slow these guys down. Live Solum recently grabbing people’s attention once again after “Goth Bitch”. Cxldface is on the rise with his track “Commas & 0s” becoming his biggest song out recently. You better get ready for more! Stay tuned for Vega Pop!

Written By: Max Lowe

Click Below To Listen To “Runaway”

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