Twan Green Drops Reflective ‘Yesterday’ Anthem

Twan Green maintains his consistent barrage of new releases with a pair of fresh offerings in the forms of his “Love Maker,” and “Yesterday” singles.

His retrospective banger leans in the direction of a toxic masterpiece as Twan Green details the tumultuous intimacy he desires while crooning, “I can’t help that I go crazy/I’m a Pisces/I do too much/The way I fuck your ass so crazy/You can tell that we in love.”

While Twan Green previously released his five-track All Me EP, home to his fan-favorite ballad “Only One I Want,” in 2020 via Ball Out Productions, his forthcoming release will be his first full-length project on the Pittsburgh-based imprint.

Twan Green has made several connections deep within the HipHop world on the East Coast. He recently joined forces with J-HAZE, who signed a deal with 5ive Mics alongside well-known rap veteran-turned-content-creator Math Hoffa.

Prior to joining Ball Out, Twan Green made a name for himself with his signature YouTube Beats projects, which combined his love for R&B and Hip Hop into a playlist-friendly format imbued with Southern flair.

Stream “Yesterday” below.