TrappedTrevor Drops “Digital 2”

TrappedTrevor secretly released his album, “Digital 2,” on SoundCloud, and it will be officially released on all platforms on July 15th! For an album secretly released, “Digital 2” is pulling in some great numbers with three songs over 1,000 plays.

The production value of this project alone makes it worth a listen. TrappedTrevor makes it onto the producer credits six times on “Digital 2.” This album is packed with great beats of the underground sound of today. Rage beats, bells, great background vocals, autotune to perfection, and much more listeners ask for when they want an album like “Digital 2.”

It’s a 15-song album with zero skips. It has features from Lil Keel and Young July. Every song was crafted to perfection. Listeners can tell there was a lot of investment in mixing and mastering the entire album. That’s what artists don’t understand, but TrappedTrevor is the exact opposite. He’s been making music for five years and has been doing it by himself for most of that time. Finally, all that hard work and dedication has paid off in the beautiful album “Digital 2.”

My favorite song off the album is “POP THAT SHIT.” It is the definition of an excellent rage beat and, once again, fantastic background vocals. It’s a great turn-up song, perfect for a party where TrappedTrevor talks about his lavish lifestyle of money, drugs, and fun. The rest of the project is arguably just as good.

Listen to TrappedTrevor’s “Digital 2” below! Be on the lookout for it to drop on all platforms on July 15th!


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