The Rugrxt Reese Interview

Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t…either way you will soon! I recently got to sit down and have a conversation with the up-coming artist Rugrxt Reese, and I have to say this Mississippi boy has that star power, there’s no denying it. From viral TikTok moments, to hanging with Sremm Life Crew, to gearing up to release some of his best music to date, we covered it all in this interview. Be sure to tap in his Reese and his music catalogue linked below. 

DS – Get us familiar, where are you from/based?

RR – I am from, and currently based in Tupelo, Mississippi.

DS – Where did the name “Rugrxt Reese” come from, any meaning behind it? 

RR – My name actually came from hanging out with the Sremm Life Crew, Rae Sreemurd and some of the other artists in the crew. One artist in the crew named Impact had this whole “rugrxt’s” thing going on. We use to dance to his songs back in the day, he was messing with us heavy and we just took on the name and ended up calling ourselves “rugrxts”. So I’m not the only one with that name, especially now cause a lot of people are jacking it, cause you know I’m popping but…yeah that’s where that came from. 

DS – How would you describe your sound/music style? 

RR – My sound and style is really everything, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, it can go anywhere. I have a lot of styles so it’s really all over the place, I can sing and I adapt my voice in so many different ways. 

HS – You’re having a viral moment with “Girlz A liar” a remix of PinkPantheress’s track “Boy’s a liar”. What gave you this idea to do the remake? 

RR – I really honestly don’t know, I’ve always have done small remixes here & there, it kinda just comes with being an artist sometimes. A lot of us like songs so much, you just get that feeling like, “okay yeah I want to remix this”. It just happened honestly. When I made it I assumed it would go, I’m not even gonna lie I had a strong feeling. It just sounded so unique and different when I made it. I first posted the song without even thinking, and it went. I don’t really know what made me do it, I just really liked the song that much and wanted to see what I could do if I remixed it. And it came out that good, to the point I was like, “I’m about to post this on TikTok and just drop it”. That’s how that happened. 

DS – I noticed you dropped a sped up version to the remix as well, what made you want to do that? I see a lot of artists now following the same trend. 

RR – I realized on TikTok a lot of people like sped up music. For me as an artist I realized when it comes to dropping a lot of music, for certain songs I like, I want to drop sped up versions. I’ve had previous drops where I dropped a slowed, fast, and regular version of the song. I just want that to be my thing for certain songs, especially when it  comes to Pop songs or the Jersey sound. TikTok and kids like a lot of the sped up versions, so that’s what really inspired me to do that. 

DS – A lot of new listeners are finding you off the remix. What’s a track from your catalog besides the remix, you’d want new listeners to tap in with? 

RR – A new track besides the remix, really definitely any of my music. But mainly I really want people to check out my Virgo albums. I have two Virgo albums, “Virgo Boy” and “Virgo Boy 2”. I’m currently working on “Virgo Boy 3”. Also my single “SICK” that I just dropped , “Want It All” and “Bandz”. Those tracks are my new evolving sound, ‘kinda like okay this is my sound now, this is it, this is Reese”. I have other Albums and more great music too, but those tracks in particular definitely check out. 

DS – Are you currently still independent? 

RR – Yes I’m currently still independent. You know I’ve had little labels hit me up to do little distribution deals, but they’ve never really tapped in fully on that end.

DS – What are some dream collaborations of yours? 

RR – Dream collaborations would probably be Pierre and Destroy Lonely, mainly those. I would definitely want Pierre to cook up a crazy beat, and let me hop on it and go crazy. Maybe Pierre could then hop on it, or maybe something crazy with Destroy Lonely. That’s just who I’d want to work with as of right now, at this time. But definitely there’s other artists too, especially when it comes to RnB. 

DS – Upcoming work we should be on the lookout for? 

RR – I don’t know really, I can’t really say it’s anything special as of right now. With me being independent everything is sort of like whatever I feel, goes next. But you can definitely probably expect an EP coming called “The Revelation”. Not like the Bible verse, there’s a whole different meaning behind it. It’s basically like my breakout, time to go full effect, this is it. I have that EP in the works, as well as a big album project coming out called “The Life Of An Omnivert” That’s going to be very special, everyone is going to love it…well I hope they do at least! 

DS – What are your Goals for 2023? 

RR – My goals are to get to where I want to be in life. Make sure I’m good, make sure the people around me are good, and take this music shit to another level…to the point where it changes my life and the others around me. There’s too much good energy, and positive vibes for me to not be on top of the World, with the bros living life. I really just want everyone around me, including myself to be happy, and have the upmost positive vibes around, that’s really the ultimate goal. 


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