The Man Behind The Ballad: Snøw Opens Up About New Project & More

Some artists aim to evoke specific emotions in the listener. They meticulously craft their art to act as a beacon of meaning for people who might not have the words to describe their emotions. This strange way of communicating can take years to master, in the case of Snøw it just comes naturally. The young Renaissance man has been silently penning potent ballads that draw on memories and emotions you haven’t thought about in years. Snøw has been having a hell of a year, so far the year has seen the artist perform down at SXSW and more recently he released the latest chapter to his discography. 

Demons Can’t Find Love has Snøw at his best, crooning over self-produced, simplistic instrumentals with just enough edge to keep up with his dark songwriting. As soon as you press play a gentle piano melody wafts through the air only to be caught and anchored back to earth by Snøw’s poetry. His songwriting becomes the star of any instrumental, he has found this balance between vague and direct with just enough emotion to humanize his otherworldly vocals. 

With a brand new mixtape out now and nothing less than the entire world in front of him, Snøw finds himself reflective. He answered some questions for Loading Magazine about Demons Can’t Find Love, the looming fame, and much more. 

Read the full conversation below;  

Where are you from? Was there a lot of music around you growing up or how did you develop your taste? 

I grew up in Salem, Massachusetts and there isn’t much of a music scene over here. I just listened to whatever my siblings and parents would play. It wasn’t until middle school that I discovered my own music taste. 

 Do you remember the moment you fell in love with the process of creating music? What did those early songs sound like compared to what you’ve released? 

The first song I ever made was when I was 5 years old, or something, and it was with my older brother. None of the songs I made when I was young were good, but I loved the creation process. Then, in middle school, I started writing better. 

 Do you feel your environment has an effect on your creativity? 

Yes, my life is shitty sometimes. So, the creativity I gain from shit environments are a plus side, I guess. 

I saw you just performed at SXSW, congratulations! Can you talk about your experience there? 

It was really cool to see so many different artists come together in one place. I met really cool musicians! It’s always nice to be surrounded by people who share the same goals and interests. I also really enjoyed performing and networking. 

Do you take live performance into consideration when recording your music? Do you hear these songs differently after performing them live? 

I never really think about live performances when I’m recording. But, lately, I’ve been performing unreleased music. So, sometimes I’ll get an idea that can make the song a little better while on stage and I just add it in after. 

You just released your mixtape Demons Can’t Find Love. What sort of emotions do you experience in this middle stage where the music is finished but not released yet? 

It’s the worst feeling ever because like I just want it to be out already. I really hate waiting to drop music because I make so much, and I get eager to release finished songs. 

How did you land on that title for the tape? What does the word “demon” mean to you? 

Demons can be disguised as many things like our friends, family, or significant others. But they can also be represented in ourselves by how we self-sabotage or make poor decisions. 

What was it like putting the tracklist together for this latest release? How many songs were recorded and how long did the whole process take? 

“Pero Ya Paso” was the first song to be done and that was in like 2020, but I held onto it because I felt it’d be really good on a project—and this happened to be the one! The first track on the mixtape, “Nothing Left,” was done last year when I was in Chicago with Laeland and Skinny Atlas. Every other song was new and done like two months before the mixtape release.

The tracklist really shows your range as an artist, do the lyrics or music typically come first to you? Do you have any habits or traditions that help you prepare to create/record? 

I always start with the beat or instrumental because I let that choose the direction I’ma take on the song. It’s honestly rare when I start with lyrics first. 

How do you feel you’ve grown the most since the release of your last project? 

I’ve grown a lot as a producer. I mean I went from releasing an album produced by other artists to releasing tracks produced only by me.

The last song on the album is entirely in Spanish, how does that culture influence you as a musician? Is that an area of your ethos you plan on exploring more? 

Yes and no. I’m not sure I’ll ever make another Spanish song, and if I do it won’t be for a while. But I love Spanish music and really did want to incorporate some of my culture into my work, which is why I have a few Spanish/Spanglish songs out. 

Your songwriting feels very vulnerable, how do you achieve that level of honesty? Is it something you had to learn or was it always natural? 

I don’t really think about it, I just write how I feel and what I think. I don’t really express my emotions any other way, so I guess this is the most natural way for me. 

You explore the idea of lost love a lot on Demons Can’t Find Love, how has your definition of love changed over time? 

Love is real. It’s hard to find and harder to maintain. I thought once you fell in love, that was it, but I learned it’s a lot more work than what people make it seem. 

What can people expect next from Snøw?

People can expect more self-produced songs and different styles of music!


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