100k LAP

10k Hours Running LAPS

Outside of Chattanooga, TN, sits a small town with three red lights and a population of 15,431. Among the narrow valley, lives a rap duo that is here to protect that original, dirty south rap that Tennessee is notorious for. The LAP consists of two life long friends named Rodney Alder (Gorgy) and Hayden Rutherford (HDR). These two superstars have devoted almost their whole lives to music and have proved that with their high work ethic and consistency dropping good music.

Before The Sprint

The bond between these two is unbreakable and the chemistry clearly shows in previous releases before their most recent video with 100k Entertainment artist, Slatt Zy, (who also happens to be from Chattanooga). Gorgy and HDR began releasing music in a early stage of their lives. They were uploading tracks as early as 2009! As you can imagine, the music talent wasn’t there yet, but the drive and heart was. It’s hard to make hit records at a middle school age. Of course living in a small country town, where your last name can make or break you, proved that making any traction in a business such as rap would be hard work. This didn’t shy the duo away from the heat, rather it molded them in to the artists they are today. Over the last 2 years, The LAP have showed tremendous talent through their intense visuals and grimey south style. I mention this because the duo faced a hiccup in their dream chase. Around 2014/2015, HDR was arrested on charges involving kidnapping and robbery which led to a 6 year sentence. This left the two artists at a stand still for chasing their dream together. HDR was locked up, but Gorgy still kept his loyalty and even continued dropping music on his own.

The LAP and Slatt Zy with LUV

“LUV,” was originally released on Gorgy’s most recent project, “Tales From The Lap.” This 11 track project was literally a no skip album and still comes across my daily rotation. With so many eyes on this particular song, The LAP determined it was time to drop a remix. What better artist for this task? Slatt Zy, a Chattanooga artist signed under 100k Management. All 3 played their role perfectly in executing every emotion they wanted to let out in this track. The visual was shot in various locations across Chattanooga, including East Lake. Much love to the videographer as well, @Antemortem.mp4 on Instagram.

The End/Beginning

As far as exposure goes, these two artists are heavily under rated. After 10 plus years of grinding I am happy to say The LAP is well on their way to becoming the next big thing in the recording industry. Check out the “LUV” music video below!


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