The Heath240 Interview 

I recently got to chat with the very talented South Florida based artist Heath240. From dropping out of film school, to steadily making a name for himself as an up-coming artist. Heath has that “it” factor to become a star, tap in early and learn more about Mr.240! 

DS – Where are you from? 

H – I’m from Boston, but I live in Miami. So, I’ve become accustomed to South Florida life! 

DS – Where does the name “Heath240” come from? 

H – Heath240 comes from me growing up at 240 Heath street in Boston, Ma. Not the most clever name, but I’m looking to drop the 240 and just be Heath. Heath feels a little cleaner and lends itself to the more Alternative sound I’m moving towards. 

DS – I read  your Spotify bio, we need to talk about film school. Where did you go? why’d you drop out? And what initially sparked your interest in films/film school. 

H – I went to Emerson College for a year and left because I wasn’t fucking with the vibe there. I was one of a handful of Black students at this school, and I had lost my passion for film. Learning art in a classroom setting is just weak as fuck. The most authentic way to create is from self-expression, which just takes time to hone in. 

DS – What’s you’re favorite movie? And favorite album? 

H – My favorite movie has to be Scream. It’s not the most cinematic or anything like that, but I just love the story, and I’m a huge fan of slasher films. My favorite album is a hard ass question, but it has to be Blonde by Frank Ocean. I listen to that album at least once a week; it also has my favorite lyric of all time “Wish I was there, wish we’d grown up on the same advice, And our time was right”. 

DS – How long have you been recording music? Did you start recording after dropping out of film school? 

H – I’ve been making music since my Junior Year of high school, but I didn’t get decent until 3 years ago. I started taking music seriously after I dropped out, but I didn’t have a clue where to start. This was during the SoundCloud explosion, so I was trying to make music like Smokepurp. Came a long way from that haha!

DS – How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never listened to your music? 

H – I feel like my sound is as if Clairo met Dominic Fike and decided to have a threesome with Kevin Abstract. Kid Cudi, when he first started, really merged indie music into hip-hop, and I feel like I’m doing that with the current indie sounds of 2023. 

DS – What songs in your catalogue right now are your favorite? 

H – My favorite song that is released right now is “Trippin,” mad fun to perform live. But I have a song called “Baby Blues” that’s going to drop later this year, and that’s the record that is going to change everything! 

DS – Who would be a dream collab for you? 

H- My dream collaborations would be either Dominic Fike, Frank Ocean, or Pharrell! Soon, I’ll have one of each! I’m manifesting it right now! 

DS – What’s next for you? And thing your fans/listeners should be on the lookout for? 

H – Next, I’ll be doing more shows! My debut EP will drop on Feb 14th, and we aren’t stopping after. A lot of music to come out this year! So be on the lookout!


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