The Headband Henny Interview

The internet is flooded worse than my Mom’s basement with talent. Everyday I find a new musical acts to throw into my forever growing playlist of heat. But, some of these artists I come across just blow me away, and truly standout. Today I want to introduce a true standout act, going by the name of Headband Henny. Henny is based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, big shoutout to the Mitten. The alternative hip-hop act Henny has created is really something of a renaissance, and I’m all for it. In this interview we got to discuss who Headband Henny is, how he got his start, and what the future holds for this talented up-coming artist. Be sure to tap in to his newest single “Iceberg” linked below. 

DS – Who is Headband Henny

HH – Headband Henny is an Alternative Hip-Hop artist who want’s to make music that is a combination of the music he grew up listening to with the addition of his own style 

DS – What is the origin of the name, and where are you guys based? 

HH – I got Headband Henny from playing soccer in high-school my senior year, my friends would already call me Henny because my name is Henry , but whenever I showed up to soccer practice with a Headband on the nickname was given to me. I really liked how it sounded so I stuck with that and there was already other artist’s out called Henny. The band/project Headband Henny is based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan and we all met through the Vine neighborhood music scene in our hometown

DS – How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard of Headband Henny before? 

HH – Tyler The Creator meets Steve Lacy

DS – What have you found to be the most effective methods when marketing your music online, via social platforms? 

HH – With every post or story or anything that people online can engage someone, focus on keeping their attention enough so that they can decide whether or not they like what you have to offer. Continued exposure of something that you whole heartedly believe in, you won’t even have to ask others to share your music either, if they believe in you as much as you believe in yourself, they will sure your music for you as well and it becomes a snowball effect

DS – What would you be doing if you weren’t creating music? 

HH – I’m going to school at Western Michigan University and studying exercise science to eventually become a Physical Therapist. If I wasn’t planning on going further with music, I’d be pursuing a more rigorous career in the medical field.

DS – Any advice for up-coming artists? 

HH – Take your time, and don’t force anything. Consistency is key, if you keep going you’ll only get better and better

DS – Goals you have for 2023? 

HH – Releasing as many singles and music videos as I can to build a fanbase before I drop my first official project 

DS – Up-coming songs, shows, or anything to be on the lookout for? 

HH – Me and the band are performing at Kalamazoo College in May 2023, it’s pretty exciting for me because it’s going to be in front of a lot people my age and I know a lot of people who attend that school.  I plan on dropping a single every month in 2023 so watch out for those!


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