Blood on the leaves

The Blood On The Leaves Remix Is Awful.

YvngChris’ Blood On The Leaves has become one of the biggest songs from underground hip-hop his year. I even wrote a post praising the song and the accompanying video, because I liked the track so much. With the success of blood on the leaves, it was inevitable that a remix was coming. Featuring the hottest artists in the scene right now including Ssgkobe, Kashdami, Unotheactivist, and Ken Carson the song was set to be just as big. Unfortunately, it’s probably one of the worst remixes I’ve heard all time.

Ssgkobe and Kashdami

I think the song is carried by Kobe and Chris heavily. The way SSGKobe plays off Chris with his own style and adds a whole new vibe to the song is really great. I would argue that Kobe actually made the original song much better. The only problem with Kobe’s verse is the fact it was so much louder than the others. Once it goes to Kashdami’s verse the song feels so much quieter than it actually is. The mix or master really cucked the song for its true potential. Kobe’s part is probably the volume the rest of the rappers should have been, but who cares. Kash’s verse is maybe one of his best all-time. His adlibs fit perfectly with the vibe of the song and make his whole segment enjoyable.


Uno has been an artist I frequent a lot. Songs like Night Mode and Das Him have made me a follower of the artist. With this, I was excited to see what he could bring but it wasn’t much. The presence of him on this song made the listen unenjoyable in my opinion. His style for music is much different from the rest of the artists and really didn’t work on this song. Uno’s part isn’t that bad by any means, in a separate song released alone I could see myself liking it…not on here tho. It transitions to Uno so poorly and the vibe is instantly off the different styles could have worked in favor but ultimately didn’t. I wish I could say the same for Ken’s verse but it’s just bad all around.

Ken Carson

Ken is in my top 5 artists at the moment. Project X was one of my favorite projects of the year. Hearing Ken bring an original style to an already established sound made for a fun listen and has been on heavy rotation since release. When it comes to blood on the leaves it’s the biggest contrast I’ve heard since resisting Chxpo on ‘all my ops dead‘.

Honestly, I feel like Ken was trolling on this song and it blows my mind how bad it actually is. The delivery of each lyric sounded like an ‘i’m a 14 y/o rapper from…’ kinda song. Ken also changed the ‘blood on the leaves’ lyric to ‘blood on the sheets’. No, he wasn’t talking about his op’s blood, he was talking about a girl’s PERIOD blood. “She said, “Ken, it’s that time of the month,” bitch, I don’t give a fuck, I’m runnin’ a red light today”‘ Is one of the most uncomfortable lyrics of all time. I completely refuse to believe Ken was not High As Shit while making this song. If you told me the verse was from a Lil Barnicle song I would completely believe you. It was pretty funny tho so I did have fun listening I guess.

In My Opinion

Obviously, this is just my opinion. If you think differently that’s cool and like what you want to like. To me the song kind of felt unorganized and messy not in a stylistic way but in a rushed way. It almost felt like a youtube compilation of verses. It would have cut after Kashdami’s verse if it was up to me. I’m still going to listen to the artists tho, nobody has a perfect discography.

What do you think?


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