The AfterParty Project Continues The Streak With BINXX “ATM”

Keeping this single on the more pop side of this new genre that has been rising called Hyper Pop. Which is where the more mainstream path seems to be for this type of genre. As this genre has opened up a new realm for these artists, because it allows them to throw some crazy production. Since everything is on a higher octave, it’s hard to make that sound mainstream. BINXX has done this perfectly since he keeps it more simple when it comes to the mixing of the vocal chain. Then he still has the crazy production tagged along with a catchy hook.

After, teaming up with The AfterParty Project this fits the image of the other artists they have had on the platform since they have had Gun Boi Kaz. While listening to this single it reminded me a lot of him which made me love the fit for this artist.

This platform has been teaming up with artists that you need to hear such as BINXX. Since he is a talented artist from the Phoenix area. He is someone that deserves the attention as he proves to dive into different genres. As he use to dive more into the Hip-Hop/Rap scene. This single shook me as I personally never thought that he would be diving into the Hyper-Pop realm. I’m glad he did because it opened my eyes to him. Make sure to stay tune to The Afterparty Project as he keeps putting on artists. Make sure to stay on the radar of BINXX because this single will make you respect him.

Written by Max Lowe

Click Here Listen To “ATM” Below

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