That Feel Records Had an All-Star Weekend

That Feel Records is creating a self-thriving ecosystem. They have one of the most consistent release schedules and they’re nearing their 10,000 hours. With every project released, you can hear the members of That Feel Records not only perfecting their own craft individually but also forming genuine chemistry within the label that bleeds over into their releases. 

Over this weekend, That Feel Records went on a tear. The label released four singles from their roster of masterful artists. Each single shines on its own, whether it be the breezy nature of the Beloveddd single “Gorgeous” or the clinic Donny Marvo put on with his latest single “Scared Funk”. The collection of singles shows the assortment of sounds That Feel Records is able to tap in to. 

For those who have been missing out on That Feel’s colossal year, Loading has assembled their latest releases for an easy guide to the label’s impressive weekend. 

Scared Funk – Donny Marvo (Produced by GRYFFYTH)

Donny Marvo is a natural when it comes to cadence. You can put him over any sort of instrumental and he’ll string together his gem-filled verses with no effort. On “Scared Funk ”, That Feel producer GRYFFYTH built a synth-driven instrumental that Marvo knocked down with incredible gusto. 

Gorgeous (Feat. Cearc) – Beloveddd (Produced by Ant, The Producer)

This track will transcend you to the top of a mountain with a beautiful view. Beloveddd and Cearc float over the minimalist instrumental produced by Ant, The Producer. This track radiates with relaxed flows and erudite verses, there couldn’t be a more fitting title for a track like this. 

RIP Cheese – Beloveddd (Produced by GRYFFYTH)

If “Gorgeous” is an aesthetic sunrise, “RIP Cheese” is a thunderstorm. The maniac song is a showcase for Beloveddd’s pen, his venomous verses hit your ears with an unforgettable force. There is so much charisma packed into this short track that it’s over before you can process what is happening in the song, but you’ll turn right around and play it again and again. 

61 – Ant, The Producer

This hypnotic instrumental piece from Ant, The Producer is a clear sign of how he approaches his art. Hearing the textures he creates and how rich they are shows the time and care that is put into Ant’s instrumentals. He creates worlds around the simplest sounds and “61” is a great example of that, not too overproduced by not lacking a single element.


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