Texas rapper Rich Greedy returns with new single “TrapKumbia God”

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Texas rap scene, you might have heard of the name of Rich Greedy. Texas is receiving tons of success this year, Rich is here to make his debut on ​Loading Magazine​ with his single “​TrapKumbia God​”. For the past couple of months you should already know that Rich and Cameron Nichols have been all over the Texas rap scene. I particularly enjoyed Rich’s verses and it has been fun to watch him develop as an artist since my introduction to him nearly a year ago. Rich has been on my radar since dropping “Flip” and to see the progression since then is amazing. Texas-based videographer ​Cameron Nichols ​takes care of the visual direction, capturing Rich’s story with a surprising twist. They are some of the many talents to continue watching out of Texas as their reputation and stature only grows. Let us know what you think!

Written By: Alfonso Vela!

Instagram: @richgreedymafia

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