Allow Keedron Bryant to re-introduce himself with the release of his new single “Hello.” 14-year-old singer and activist switches the flow up with his booming, confident coming-of-age single. Laced with trap horns and buoyant vocals, it’s a fitting and stylish turn to the pop world for an artist best known for his urgent political messaging. It arrives with an irresistible music video that represents the young man he has become. Bryant shows he can do it all, while having a whole lot of fun. 

Bryant has already proven himself capable of mature, textured songwriting—but the bouncy and fresh “Hello” shows off a different side of the young singer. Over rumbling bass and dramatic horns, he seeks the attention of someone who’s caught his eye. The bass thumps like the best hip-hop, but leaves enough room for Bryant to let off his classic vocal runs, making for a winning, memorable tribute to young love.

Hello” comes on the heels of Bryant’s delightful performance for HBOs The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmoand anthemic single “I Know I Been Changed” with the rapper Symba and GRAMMY-winning artist Gary Clark Jr, which he performed on The View to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. As the theme song of Nate Parker’s politically charged film American Skin, that track deepened Bryant’s stance on the injustices faced by Black and Brown people in the US. Since 2020, he’s amassed a fan base including artists like Dr. Dre, Alicia Keys, Kirk Franklin, and Andra Day, as well as outlets like Associated Press, who named his breakout single “I Just Wanna Live” their 2020 Song of the Year. Watch the music video here. Last year, he also performed a rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy, Me” on Good Morning America after covering the song for ESPN Undefeated’s I Can’t Breathe compilation. And as the holiday season approaches, now’s a good time to refamiliarize yourself with his Christmas 2020 EP, The Best Time of Year, featuring three holiday classics and a new song with his sister Aiyanna Bryant. Blessed with a singular voice that spans genre and intent, Keedron Bryant proves with “Hello” that the world is still waking up to his endless potential.

Watch “Hello” Below.


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