Style’s & SSGKobe’s Underplayed Song

Style released his song “Moshpit!” alongside SSGKobe on November 5, 2023. The song is Style’s second-most-played song on Spotify, with over 15,000 plays. SSGKobe and Style are dynamic duos because his most played song is “halo!” which is his most recent release and also has an SSGKobe feature. He may have a minor name, but Style refuses to get outshined on both tracks, especially on “Moshpit!”

Listen to “Moshpit!” by Style and SSGKobe above!

When the listener hits play, they’re greeted with a great metal guitar loop. But, as he states in the hook and title, this song is meant to be played for moshpits. This fact is apparent based on the energy Style, SSGKobe, and the beat created.

Style talks about his insane lifestyle filled with extravagant clothing, partying, good-looking people, throwing great shows, and having fun on “Moshpit!”. He uses his fantastic lifestyle to bring out his happiness and energy to create a better listening experience. Ultimately, Style wants to play this song at one of his shows where his attendees are sure to open the pit and rage on the drop.

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You can listen to “Moshpit!” above or by using the link here. You can tap in with Style on Instagram above or by using the link here. Look for Style’s next move because he’s sure to blow up!

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