SoloSam’s Slow Jam “Calabasas”

SoloSam recently released his single, “Calabasas,” alongside MFnMelo. The two collaborated and created one of the best slow jams of the year. The two talk about tough times in this particular area and explain that they’ve finally come to terms with it. They’ve made the decision to never go back and leave all those bad times in the past and use them as motivation to make jazz-pop-styled songs like this. Every second of the song’s four minutes is sure to make the listener vibe. Whether that be a late-night drive, chilling on the beach, or just relaxing in your room, this song is perfect for all things vibing.

Check out SoloSam’s and MFnMelo’s “Calabasas” track below!


Shah Infinite’s Newly Released Single Pack, “Revelations” Will Have You in Your Feelings

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