An Interview w/ Jonny Ransom

May 25, 2018

Jonny, owner of the streetwear brand Ransom, has created a cult-like following selling clothes while inspiring young kids. Linked to big names like Cam Haller, Landon Cube, and Lil Skies, Jonny has only grown his brand's influence. With him only being 20, the future seems promising.



Eli: What/who got you into streetwear?  


Jonny: Initially, Tyler, the Creator, and Odd Future. I became fucking obsessed with the group and Supreme in like eighth grade. I was super intrigued with how hard they all repped Preme and that was the first streetwear brand I ever owned. Supreme has remained a pretty massive influence ever since.



Eli: When did you start Ransom? What was it like in the beginning?


Jonny: I started Ransom in October of 2016. I had a brand right before with an old homie, not gonna speak too much about it, but I was "kicked out" of the brand so I literally started Ransom the next day. It was super depressing at first because all of my hard work and passion from the first brand was completely demolished. In hindsight, being kicked out of the old brand was the greatest thing that could've happened to me. Cameron lent me like $300 to print the first Ransom tees, and the brand has been built on that ever since.



Eli: What's it like being close to Cam, Landon, Skies etc. How has it helped the brand?


Jonny: They're all my fucking brothers. I love them so much. I can ensure you that Ransom wouldn't be what it is today without the three of them helping me out all along.



Eli: What is your design process?


Jonny: Occasionally will search for some inspiration at the thrift

Always has to be at night time

Cranking loud ass music

Incense burning

Marijuana use



Eli: When did you think that Ransom could take off?


Jonny: It's on the brink.



Eli: What is your favorite piece/collection you put out and why?


Jonny: 100% the Ransom Devil. It was really fun to draw and there's so much you can do with it. It's almost like a little mascot or something haha.




Eli: Do you plan on moving anytime soon?


Jonny: Yes, still deciding on where. Every new place I go I fall in love with! I hate it!



Eli: I saw that message you sent to Tyler Grosso about becoming an assistant/intern. Now your brand did a collaboration with his. Can you speak about his influence on you and the inspiration that you pull from him?


Jonny: I found Tyler's Instagram in like 10th grade. I thought he was cool as shit. I started taking inspiration from his outfits and thought it was so sick that he was in a hardcore band. I realized he was a white kid that A$AP mob fucked with and they were one of my favorite groups at the time so I don't know it was really fucking cool for me to see that hahaha.



Eli: What's the next thing for Ransom?


Jonny: More than just clothes.



Eli: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Jonny: No idea.



Eli: Anything else you want to say? Any shoutouts?


Jonny: Shoutout Superrradical, Gnarcotic, Lyrical Lemonade, Section 8, Half Evil 333, Landon, Skies, Cameron, Mom, Dad, Kaylin, Gabby, Mike, Justin, Ryan, Nate, and the love of my life, Payton <333 :))))


Check out Ransom Clothing in the link below:

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