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Sig.Carlito Drops Makes No Sense With Zelly Ocho!

Underground artists Sig.Carlito and Zelly Ocho drop the new song ‘Make No Sense.’

It took me a minute to get into Sig.Carlito. After hearing ‘Mariah‘ for the first time I wasn’t sure what to think, but I was definitely interested. Over the year hearing the work, Carlitot has put out, it’s clear to say Carlito is one of the most intriguing artists at the moment. Songs like ‘Theme Song‘ and ‘PRADABAE‘ have really left an impression on me as a listener and honestly a fan of Sig.Carlito. Revisiting ‘Mariah’ now I can easily say it’s a massively underrated gem that needs more recognition.

On November 18th ‘make no sense’ dropped on Carlito’s SoundCloud featuring Clevland artist Zelly Ocho. The song is a take on the current rage genre that has been pretty popular over last year. The beat feels specifically like something we would have heard from Trippie Redd’s latest album. This song stands out to me mainly for the hook and how catchy it is. Even after listening for the first time ‘it makes no sense’ was repeating in my head constantly. It’s almost hard to tell when one artist starts and another stops, they play off each other so well and it doesn’t feel out of place at all.

Carlito and Zelly

Zelly Ocho actually just dropped his latest album ‘Vlamily’. The tape features songs similar to ‘MNS’ and definitely worth a listen if you’re into this song with Carlito. Zelly is an artist on the come-up, song and the music video ‘Outside’ is a stand-out piece of work to me.

This song actually made me go back and relisten to Sig.Carlito’s whole discography. Carlito isn’t afraid to try new styles out and experiment with his sound. One song you’ll be listening to a hypertrap song then a Drill song then next you’ll be on a ‘Kiss me through the phone’ remix.

What do you think?


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