Shoreline Mafia drops off new “Ride Out” Single With Lil Yachty

   Los Angeles’ very own wave starting rap group Shoreline Mafia is back with their new single “Ride Out” featuring Lil Yachty. The posse cut it includes a hook from Yachty and verses from Rob Vicious, Ohgeesy, & Fenix Flexin and everyone delivers. 

   The group appears to still be rolling out their debut album despite recent rumors of them breaking up and going solo. This single is definitely one of their best and will likely get steam going for the project with the Yachty feature as its one of their first mainstream features. Hopefully this project takes them to that next level and they become one of the West Coast’s heavy hitters. Do you think Shoreline Mafia’s new project is going to deliver based on the singles they’ve released? Are y’all hyped on this new single? Let us know!

Written By: Frozen Hotel!

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