Shane’s Selections, Volume 5: Peaks & Valleys 

There’s an old saying that I love to live by, “Don’t let the peaks get too high and valleys too low”. Everyone goes through highs & lows, it’s just part of life. I think it’s how you approach those peaks & valleys that determines your outcome. When life gives you lemons, we make lemonade, right? It’s way easier said than done but we at least have to try, always bounce back. Right now, I’m currently in my bounce back era so move over or hop on for the ride. That’s enough rambling and life advice, after all I’m just a music blogger not a psychologist. Volume 5 of Shane’s Selection brings us some bangers just in time for that summer playlist bulk.

LAIVY – Black Stallion 

LAIVY is wise beyond his years, his newest single “Black Stallion” is some of his best work yet. At only 17 this promising young artist brings a fresh perspective to the music scene. “Black Stallion” explores the theme of instant gratification in modern dating, reflecting on the dangers of chasing after superficial connections. With its catchy beat and emotive lyrics, “Black Stallion” showcases LAIVY’s talent for blending different genres and creating a sound that is uniquely his own. This was a release I was constantly counting down the days for, and since it’s release I’ve had it on non-stop rotation. The hook is so infectious, one listen and you’ll have it in your head for the remainder of the day. Expect more tunes from Mr. LAIVY and his amazing team, they have something special in the works. 

Sækyi – Sedentary 

Please don’t take a seat, stand up and listen to this one. Sækyi, is one of those artists that just makes beautiful music and is always working to bring his tracks to life. His newest single “Sedentary” is no exception, collaborating with two white guys to deliver us a beautiful visual. This track continues to showcase Sækyi perfectly genre-blending R&B and Hip-Hop to create his own sound. With this being Sækyi’s first release of 2023, he’s really setting the tone for the rest of the year, doubling down on the fact he is one of the best up-coming artists. 

Shah Infinite – IDTTK FREESTYLE 

A good friend of mine sent this track through a few days ago. I had never heard of Mr. Shah Infinite before, but when I started listening to his newest cut “IDTTK FREESTYLE” I was greeted with an uplifting gospel sampled beat produced by Zac Vaughan & impressive lyricism from Shah. Before anyone else has to Google it, IDTTK translates to “I Don’t Think They Know”, embarrassing I know. Shah is already gaining traction and making a name for himself with co-signs from the likes of Punch (of TDE), LA Reid, Leven Kali, and Reggie Becton. Most recently, he returned from the multi-city HOM3 Tour with Reggie Becton and Jordan Hawkins where he previewed tracks that will be released throughout the new year. Shah is set to release a project sometime in June, so keep your eyes peeled & ears open. 

Alfeso & Ole Holter – Level Up

Alfeso & Ole Holter are two independent rap/hiphop artists, based in Oslo. Recently, the duo went viral on TikTok with their newest single “Level up”. The song, which has a mixture of Brakence-like guitars and Drill aspects, features light and playful lyrics that perfectly capture the energy of the song. When I first gave this track a listen it instantly transported me back to the good old 2016 Soundcloud era, it’s a feel good cut perfect for summer time. 


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