I don’t know about y’all but we at LoadingMagazine were stoked for Gameboicoloured‘s new tape SYBER SURFER.

SYBER SURFER is Gameboicouloured’s first project and it has energy that leaves you vibrating. His best song off the project is “Seasoning.”

“Seasoning” is an extremely high tempo song & Gameboicoloured himself made an edit that matches its crazy energy. The visual is super hard. It includes an animated character that has a G persona. The animated character can be seen posing in front of G wagons, Beamers and can be seen doing pushups on top of a stack of $100 Bills.

My favorite line from “Seasoning” is

I might be a jedi,

smoke in the morning I call it a red eye.

You don’t got a verse that I might be impressed by”

Gameboicoloured uses electronic sounds and colorful visuals & combines them with playful lyrics. All of that together aligns perfectly with who he is: Gameboicoloured.


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