Recording artist Sareem hails from San Diego, California is here to drop his single “SAREEM ABDUL-JABAAR” in preparation for his upcoming self-titled album. Accommodating himself now in LA, Sareem is no stranger to music, he’s been making and releasing his own works since 2019 and since then has been steadily growing his following. The beat hits hard with a siren sample in the background, it really shows off Sareem’s word play and highlights his cadence.

Besides having a mass of followers Sareem has also been keeping busy with live shows. Following up his self-titled release he has a collaborative album with his homie Alexander the Great set to be released this Summer along with an EP to go with it. “SAREEM ABDUL-JABAAR” his lead single dropped on May 6th. Check out more from Sareem in the links down below and keep an eye out for his upcoming self-titled album!


T-Hood & NayG Ball Too Hard In New Single “Spent Too Much”

Fresh off the Show Ya Grill Tour with Scotty ATL, Georgia rap authority T-Hood lends a verse to Richmond producer/engineer NayG on their “We Did It” follow-up “Spent Too Much.” The collaboration finds One Dread detailing his lavish lifestyle effortlessly over the VA native’s hard-hitting instrumentation. When asked about his thought process when creating the […]