Saint Wave is the Leader of the New School

Allow me to introduce you to Saint Wave. He is an artist on a mission to change the current music landscape for independent artists, inspiring and motivating them to follow in his footsteps. He has made a choice to make the kind of music that is outside what we currently know. Blending different sounds together, often having a chaotic and eclectic sound, Saint Wave only makes the music that is true of his character.

His musical journey began in college while studying and yearning for an escape. After graduating college, he made a promise to himself to make a fresh start and build a life that he could be proud of. Realizing the music was inside of him all along and was the perfect avenue for him in which he could channel his emotions, he set out to be one of the greatest artists this music industry has ever seen. Having a goal of reaching 31,492,753 streams to pay his Sallie Mae student loans and help break the world’s outdated views of present day societal norms and what goes on in the education system, Saint Wave realized that his calling extends far beyond music. He wants to help heal the world through his music, helping change people’s perspectives about the world along the way. 

Whether Saint Wave has 1 listener or 1 million listeners, his voice will be felt through the raw emotion and energy he displays throughout every track. The music he creates is his personal tool for stress relief and motivation. As he tries to live a simple, passionate, and adventurous life, he hopes to motivate others to pursue their passions as well. He creates music for those who are doing things differently, whether in their music or personal life. 

Following the release of his highest streaming song MOMA (17k+), Saint Wave is back with another fresh take on his chaotic and eclectic style of making music. ‘Saucy’ is Wave’s newest release with accompanying artist peers ANDA and GVZA along with lofi producer The Aether. ‘Saucy’ is a smooth, 3-minute experience detailing one’s self-confidence and belief. It feels like a warm summer day, riding in the car with your friends, listening to the best music, and realizing you’re exactly where you need to be in life. This joint is perfect for anyone’s summer playlist. 

Stream ‘Saucy’ out now across all streaming platforms!


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