SageTwoFour can Hop on Any Beat

SageTwoFour recently released his EP, “On My Way!” and he shows his audience that he can hop on two different types of beats easily. Compared to the rest of his music, this EP is definitely in SageTwoFour’s lane. Still, the significant difference in melodies he chose to go for on this EP should be brought to listeners’ attention.

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Ambient music entails many different melodies, but the sheer difference between the two is notable. SageTwoFour opens up with “Addy!” This song is lower in tone and could be pictured on a late-night drive. Ambient music can go many ways, but the main direction is also to be intimidating in your lyricism. Combined with a mysterious and ominous beat, that makes for a daunting song. SageTwoFour executes this perfectly in his opener on “On My Way!”

Another direction an artist can go with ambient music is going for a more ethereal-styled beat. “Margiela” is a song that makes the listener feel like they can float, glide, and traverse the heavens due to its calming and beautiful melody. SageTwoFour adds his amazing background vocals and confidence on top of this beat to show that he can do both kinds of sounds.

Listen to SageTwoFour’s EP “On My Way!” below!


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