Safe Travels drops off music video for “Listening To Your Heart”

Dropping his latest single and visual for “Listening To Your Heart,” artist Safe Travels from Arlington, VA showcases his incredible talents with a track that speaks to his sensitivity and resilience. Inspired by industry heavyweight D’Angelo, it is hardly surprising that “Listening To Your Heart” is a soul-filled, R&B lament with flourishes of Afrobeat-tinged vocals and a glorious laid back groove.

Safe Travels knows more than a thing or two about the music industry and how to get to the top. Drip-feeding the release with a campaign called ‘Sundays Ain’t Safe’ consisting of behind-the-scenes footage designed to build increasing hype around his work, the track, “Listening To Your Heart,” is a tale borne out of a traumatic experience.

Laid up with a girl whose heart was beating so fast he didn’t know whether her reaction was drug induced or sheer nervousness gave him the motivation to find the words to sing about addiction and the battle for sobriety. The message is clear; you are not alone, time heals, and if you lose hope, don’t be afraid to reach out.

““Millions of people around the world have fallen victim to drug abuse and if there is anything I’d like the listener to take from this record, it’s that you are not alone,” Safe Travels says. “Time heals all and if even for a second you have lost hope, don’t be afraid to talk to someone.”

That strength and desire to inspire is clearly evident in “Listening To Your Heart,” as Safe Travels pours his heart into the musical experience with his vocals soaring around a backdrop that allows his voice to shine. Appealing to a global audience, there is no doubt that his fans will not only listen to their hearts, but vote with their souls as Safe Travels continues to pursue a path to greatness.

Safe Travels has gone from performing on street corners to forming a portion of cross-genre group Concept Collective with whom he has toured different countries with and produced the hit song “Tired Boy,” responsible for amassing up to 4 million streams on Spotify alone. He went under the moniker Tre Savels at the time.

Check out the music video for “Listening To Your Heart,” below.


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