Rylis and Kashaga share addictive new offering, “Cyclone”

Canadian vocalist Rylis and producer Kashaga have shared a new single and video titled “Cyclone”. The pair met in early December of 2021. After having viral success on TikTok, making musical content around the trending, “Timbiebs”, Rylis and Kashaga met up in person and began collaborating their creative minds.

Their latest release is “Cyclone”, which provides an infectious, bright sound and sharp melodies that flirt with influences from pop, R&B, and hip-hop. Providing heavy replay value through its addictive sonics, the song builds through engaging verses before an energizing, memorable hook enters to provide the icing on the cake. The instrumental by Kashaga here features driving, lively guitars and crisp percussion underscored by catchy 808s. Showcasing the artist’s natural chemistry, “Cyclone” contains focused songwriting and sleek production, making it an offering that is easy to keep re-visiting.

“Cyclone” is accompanied by a humorous and purposely tacky video shot by Colton Davis, that is as engaging as the song itself. Conceptually, the visual contains spinoffs of popular adult video and fantasy scenarios, containing comedic value while simultaneously feeling nostalgic.

The latest from Canada’s Rylis and Kashaga, “Cylcone” makes for an infectious, personality-driven listening and viewing experience.

Watch the video for “Cyclone” now:


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