Rot Ken & SoFaygo Team Up For New “Beautiful” Music Video

Okay so hopefully you have heard of SoFaygo and Rot Ken. If somehow you haven’t, Rot Ken is an artist out of Atlanta, Georgia, and SoFaygo is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Seeing them team up to bring us “Beautiful”
makes me think of a younger Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert collaboration with their high pitch style of rage music. But nevertheless, no matter if you like Rot Ken or SoFaygo they’re still making big waves coast to coast.s Jumping into this video directed by Man Films and Rook Director While the video is crazy showing Ken And Faygo going crazy in some kind of bar or something like that. The beat was produced by Jetsonmade, Nick Mira, Neeko Baby, Taz Taylor, John Luther, and Paryo. I really hope this song makes it on your playlist, check it out now below!

Watch “Beautiful” Here:


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