Roc Kartel Shares Dynamic Project ‘Time Is Now III’

Roc Kartel delivers the third installment of his EP series, Time is Now III.

Roc Kartel did it again, as he delivers another dope project with his third installment of the Time is Now series, Time is Now 3. The Maryland rapper is to seize his moment with his latest project, as Roc details the project being about not letting ” hold me back.”  

The EP, Time is Now 3, seeps tenacity, as Roc delivers a plethora of sounds, blending genres, creating an eclectic EP that’s a must-listen. Roc also released a visual for his lead single, “High Road,” with the release of his most recent EP, Time is Now 3. The Visual, directed by DP Vision, features Roc Kartel feeling himself, rapping and grooving to the beat in what appears to be a warehouse or industrial building with graffiti-art covering the walls. 

Roc’s lead single, “High Road,” released in April of this year, has received an incredible response from fans, who have been eating the track up as it is currently his number one song on Spotify, with already over 7,000 streams. The track and whole album are about sexing the moment and being and staying motivated. “High Road” is an anthem as it delivers motivational energy that is bound to get you going! 

Roc’s Time is Now 3 is full of heat and heart, as Roc showcases his adaptability as an artist. The artist delivers a smash with his five-track EP, showing off his skills and detailing his experiences “that happened in the past.” Standout tracks such as “Shutup,” “Only Fans,” and “Therapy,” to name a few, exhibit his tenacity, admiration, and talent in music. 

Roc Kartel’s third installment of his Time is Now series is by far one of his best pieces of work yet. As he showcases his aptitude and lyricism, refining his talent and maturing as an artist. 

During the pandemic, when no one was doing live performances, Roc Kartel started doing street performances. Dubbing it the Time is Now Street Tour. Roc performs professional-level concerts on the street for any and everyone. With a few more live shows to do, be sure to follow Roc Kartel Via social media on IG: @Roc.Kartel, Twitter: RocKartel_, and Facebook: Rockartelmusic, and his Website:, to get any live updates on new music or any upcoming shows.

In the interlude, scope out Roc Kartel’s most recent EP, Time is Out 3, streaming below.


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