Roadrun Cmoe Does An Interview With Us

Q. First I want to start by saying what’s good Roadrun CMoe, how are you doing bro?

A. Hey bro, I’m doing good! staying productive and busy.. Appreciate you for having me on your platform.

Q. How did you first get into music?

A. I’ve always been surrounded by music growing up, especially Down South music. The main thing that got me into music was my homeboys and the lifestyle we were living.

Q. How did you find your flow?

A. I found my flow by being in the studio frequently, observing and seeing the repetition happening when creating a song.

Q. In a world where it can be easy to lose motivation in something like music, how did you keep pushing even when times were tuff?

A. I kept pushing knowing that music was a hobby. I didn’t really see myself doing it at first but it comes so easily considering where I come from.

Q. What do you wish you could tell yourself when you first started making music?

A. I wish I could tell myself that the music game is “High risk, Low Reward”, when I say that I mean that it’s an expensive hobby to get into but if you’re wanting to make it your career, you have to take it seriously.

Q What would you tell somebody who is just getting into music to help them get started?

A. I would say that when you start in music accept criticism & have some patience! Not everyone is going to love what you’re doing and it’s going to take some time! Just stay consistent.

Q. At What age did you start to make music?

A. It was like 5 years ago bro, I was like 25 when I started making music at my homeboys studio.

Q. Who are some artists you would want to collab with?

A. I want to collab with Larry June and Curren$y!

Q. Who Or what inspires you the most when making music?

A. Young Dolph inspired me a lot musically. Him making nothing out of something. From the streets to the music, his character helped me see it and know it’s possible.

Q. What are your goals in music for 2023?

A. In 2023 my goals are to gain more exposure and fans, get a distribution deal and break into these new markets.

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